Daily Fashion Alert: Kelly Cutrone Doles Out More Wisdom, a Couple Collection Sneak Peeks and Bauhausian Kicks

Last Friday Israeli designer Artsi (great name!) Ifrach launched a full collection based on the French Revolution and created completely from recycled couture, such as old Pucci, de la Renta and Gucci textiles. I am intrigued. And I must have that jacket (at left). Seriously. [Interview]

Meanwhile, Elle magazine has a sneak peek—literally: four tiny cropped shots—of Amsterdam’s Kentroy Yearwood’s SS11 collection. [Elle blog]

When Kelly Cutrone talks, we don’t just listen; we scribble notes, make flashcards and tattoo the best bits on our bodies. [Complex]

I’m not usually a Judith Leiber fan (I don’t like carrying glittery little creatures around at parties) but if these two examples are a good indication, the new Deco-esque fall collection rocks. [Vogue Daily]

Peter Murphy-emblazoned shoes? Yes, please! (Cool mens shoes is the only time having a size 11 foot comes in handy.) [T Magazine]

The NY Times ran a story today about how beautifully and confidently French women age versus American women. It’s a point underscored when the author (I assume she’s from the U.S.) says that anywhere else but Paris she would ordinarily cross the street to avoid a “slightly kooky” woman who “clearly loves being herself.” Why do so many Americans fear expression? [NY Times]

And for peeps in Miami, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Swim Week kicks off there today. Sounds splashy. [MB fashion week]

(Photo by Alice Pfeiffer )

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