Your Stylescope for August 10

Find out who in the fashion world shares a birthday with you and learn your destiny for the year. Guaranteed.

Born on August 10:
Eleanor Lambert, American publicist; 1903
Betsey Johnson, American designer; 1942
Devon Aoki, Japanese-American model; 1982

Birthday friend, congratulations on another big day! How is the world going to treat you this year? Well, that all depends on how you present yourself to the world. It might be best to follow the example of Eleanor Lambert, the first superstar of fashion public relations and fellow today-birthdayer. How big a fashion star was she? For one thing, Eleanor basically started the first fashion week ever, founded the Costume Institute and the CFDA and invented the “Best-Dressed List” that is now owned by Vanity Fair. What I’m attempting to convey is that in the next 365 days, you are going to need to be like Eleanor and learn how to be your own public-relations person. Not getting enough attention in the romance department, for example? Get one of those flashing arrows to point toward yourself. Overlooked at work? Start talking positively about yourself in the third person or “Reply All” to every interoffice email with affirmatives like “I agree 110 percent” or “I smell what you’re cooking!” OK, these might not be the best ideas for getting attention, but I’m sure you’ll do me one, two or three better. Your challenge is to learn to balance how you want others to see you with how to best promote that vision of “you.” Figure that out and you’ll earn all the hype you deserve.

Did we miss anyone in fashion born on this day? Drop us a line and let us know.

Photo: Eleanor Lambert with another fashion titan, Eugenia Sheppard. Photographer unknown.

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