Daily Fashion Alerts: A Dress that Doubles as a Phone, Bugs Worth Wearing and Scopitones are the New Crack

The Louis-Vuitton Summer School wrapped up this past weekend, the first of what the brand hopes will be many more artistic workshops. I think LV’s quiet collaborations with artists and support of the community is one of the greatest philanthropy stories coming out of the fashion world. Dazed Digital has the full scoop. [Dazed Digital]

We’ve written a bit about the history of sweatshops, so this story about what’s going on with today’s garment factories is especially of interest. Of course, what goes around comes around; these too-good-to-be-true prices can’t last. But what do you think? Will foreign sweatshops figure out how to continue to make clothing cheaply and safely, or will they go the way of NYC sweatshops, change their m.o. and raise prices to balance the cost of saving lives? [The Cut]

Stop everything you’re doing and watch the scopitone videos (I didn’t know what that was either) collected at the Emma Peel Pants blog, with a neat little background of the medium added, to boot. Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot rendered me speechless. Pop! Pow! Blop! Whiz! [Emma Peel Pants]

Style Bubble also rounded up a hidden treasure worth sharing: Embroidered facial coverings from London artist Scott Ramsay Kyle. I barely skimmed his website, but I look forward to diving back in and reading more about his work. Fascinating stuff! [Style Bubble]

To comment and for more Fashion Alerts:

Designing sisters Sienna and Savannah Miller shot a Super-8-esque, home-movie style video to promote their Twenty8Twelve F/W 2010 collection at Isabella Blow’s gorgeous estate. What do you prefer: Fashion videos or good old-fashioned print ads? [Vogue UK]

Here’s a press release worth passing along: Perry Ellis is launching Project Beach to help with the Gulf Oil Spill. Vogue Italia, please take note. That’s how you help out with a disaster. [Fashion Windows]

In fashion blogger news, BryanBoy got a full page in Elle UK. Pretty cool! [Bryan Boy]

A little company called CuteCircuit created an LED dress that works as a mobile phone. Yes, but can I play TextTwist and TK on it, too? [BBC News]

Following in the footsteps of Tom Ford, now Dolce and Gabbana have made a feature-length, R-rated movie; theirs is called Quando, Quando, Quando and it comes out in September. The preview is strange; it looks more like an ad for clothing or a fragrance rather than a feature film, but the Fellini references are loud and clear. My interest is piqued! [T-blog]

Don’t talk to Calvin Klein about fashion because despite his famous name, he’s totally over it. [The Cut]

This story makes me shiver, but insects are hot for fall. I’m actually digging the ant tights and scarab jewelry but draw the line at fly-leg eyelashes. [StyleList]

Add ASOS to your bookmarks because the shopping site will soon launch a thrift store-meets-ebay section where you can sell and buy second-hand clothes. It’s like thrifting without the mothballs. [Racked]

Do you like to buy designer housewares and gadgets? Versace sells a cell phone with the Medusa logo that sells for $6,500, and Hermes new coloring book for kids is $150. At these prices, who has any money left for clothes? [StyleFile] [The Cut]

Photos: Top: Scott Ramsay Kyle’s embroidered hoods photographed by Cassia Tabatini. Bottom: CuteCircuit’s Galaxy Dress, festooned with 24,000 LED lights, is on display at a museum in Chicago.

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