Blogger Spotlight: Beene-iana

A great thing about the crowded blogosphere is discovering all of the different types of people sharing their talents/hobbies/collections with the rest of the world. (It can also be a bad thing, but that’s another story.) While researching today’s Story Behind the Styles about Geoffrey Beene, I came across one of the great ones: Beene-iana, the blog of New Yorker Patsy Tarr, who challenged herself 11 months ago to wear something designed by Geoffrey Beene every day for a year, à la Julie Powell of Julie and Julia but with clothes instead of cooking. Tarr is the publisher of the dance/art magazine, 2wice, and a collector of fine things (her apartment is decorated with works by Robert Rauschenberg, Horst P. Horst and Richard Avedon, as well as a collection of silver teapots.) Beene-iana features another extensive collection: Geoffrey Beene clothing, including pieces that were custom-created especially for Tarr. The blogger posts infrequently and does not model the clothes, although she writes about the places she wears them. Instead, she displays each piece on a mannequin like a work of art—just as it should be. Her love for Beene’s work is tied to the designer’s insistence that his clothes be comfortable (so much so that she has multiples of several favorites) and the fact that some pieces are reversible—although a quick perusal of her enviable collection quickly proves she has a hankering for whimsy and color as well. Most of Tarr’s pieces are from the 1980s and 1990s, years when Beene produced countless bolero jackets—of which she has many—but the overall collection has a broad range, and even includes a lace dress that dates back to Beene’s time in the early 1960s working at 7th Avenue clothier Teal Traina. Beene-iana is worth a look, if not for a peek into one woman’s fabulous collection, but to admire the work of an American master. —Rachel Chambers

Photos by Patsy Tarr of Beene-iana.

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3 Responses to “Blogger Spotlight: Beene-iana”

  • I was really amazed by the content of the blog thanks for posting and sharing . Hoping all the readers will gain the benefits of this treasure of the blog.

    • Hey, thank you so much! We definitely have a lot of fun researching the stories and writing the Stories Behind the Styles and other bits of content. And we’re growing everyday—and will have email delivery soon—so check back often and see what we’ve got going on :)

    • Rachel:

      It was a great find and one that should definitely be shared.

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