On This Day In Fashion on the radio!

A few days ago I taped our third segment for the radio program “KUOW Presents;” this one was about teen fashion, the bottom-up theory and two films that demonstrate the evolution and growing influence of street style versus designer style. The piece just aired, and it’s always kind of wild for me to listen to the conversation edited down after the fact. (I also have to say there is nothing weirder than listening to myself talk about teenagers and my students like I’m some hip old broad who’s totally down with “kids these days.” I’ve no doubt that every 13-year-old who is forced to hear this segment while trapped in their parents’ car will label me a majorly out-of-touch nerd.) Still, I feel like there’s so much more I can say (and clarify, natch) about this topic! But host Jeannie Yandel did an awesome job catching the core ideas behind the films, as well as my own gushing reaction to one of my favorite films when I was a teenager: Valley Girl.

Click here to listen to us chat about James Dean’s cool style in Rebel Without a Cause and how Nicholas Cage stole my 12-year-old heart in Valley Girl. Read More »

On This Day In Fashion on KUOW

I just returned from taping a super fun fashion-in-film segment for “KUOW Presents,” a Seattle-based NPR affiliate. This time around I talked about the trickle-up theory in fashion as demonstrated in the films, Rebel Without a Cause and Valley Girl, and how these movies serve as pinpoints on a timeline of teenage-specific fashions. They are hoping to air it this Friday or Saturday; I’ll be sure to post a link when they do.

A Very Royal Wedding Party with Kelley Moore at the Fairmont Olympic

A busy weekend prevented me from writing a post about the very fun Royal Wedding Viewing Party Rachel Chambers and I attended early Friday morning at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle. The unstoppable Kelley Moore—event planner, lifestyle expert, author—hosted a midnight-to-7:30 a.m. High Tea, where about 25 guests were treated as decadently as those attending the actual ceremony in London.  A mix of local ladies and a few gents arrived at the hotel’s glittering Georgian Room between midnight and 1 a.m. dressed for—what else?—a British wedding, in fancy cocktail attire and hats, natch. Given that this is a city so perennially chilled and water-logged that fashion is often an Read More »

Fashion Now: Black Pow!

On a recent trip to Walla Walla, Washington, I took a break from the wineries and epic scenery to duck into a few vintage and antiques stores to comb for sweet scores. In Waitsburg I found a mint stack of early 1970s issues of Look—score! (I actually prefer 1960s-era issues of Look, as fashion spreads seem to have become less of a priority for the magazine in the 1970s, but when Look does do fashion, they do it well.) Case in point: The “Money” issue published on this day in 1972 includes a spread titled “Fashion Now: Black Pow!” that homes in on the wave of black fashion designers and their Read More »

Celebrating the Anti-Fashion of William Klein: Qui Êtes-Vous, Polly Maggoo?

Given that today marks the birthday of reluctant fashion photographer William Klein, and given that Klein created a couple of the 1960s most memorable fashion images—despite (or because) of the fact that he was not a fan of the fashion world—I’m feeling like we should take another look back at Klein’s 1966 film, Qui Êtes-Vous, Polly Maggoo?. Klein’s kick at the fashion industry is so anti-fashion that the film actually became fashionable, in that above-it-all, masochistic style that is so inherent of the industry. On This Day In Fashion published a Cinemode of Polly Magoo on the 45th-anniversary of its release this past October 21. Here’s a snippet from author Cody Bay: “Fashionistas beware: This movie was made by someone who does not love fashion. One gets the sense early on, in the first scene of a fashion shoot where models are getting sliced up by the razor-sharp edges of their aluminum dresses, that this is someone who is pretty skeptical—okay, who detests—fashion. Who is this curmudgeonly scrooge, you say, what is the name and address of his first-born child and what the hell does he know anyway? His name, my dears, is William Klein, and… he had just spent the last 10 years as a photographer for Vogue, so actually, he knew his stuff indeed.” Read Cody’s full review here, and enjoy the fashion show from Polly Magoo and a bit of Klein’s print work after the jump. Read More »

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