Àli Mode: The Only Blouse You Need for 2011

This rouched chiffon blouse was seen on Gary Graham’s Facebook page this week, and yesterday everything in his Tribeca boutique and online store was marked down at least 40 percent. Isn’t this shirt that doubles as a dress and skirt and 100 different kinds of tops irresistible? I feel like if you gave this to someone for Christmas it would be the best gift they would receive, because it just keeps giving and giving and giving! (Right now it’s marked down from $704 to $354.) I love Gary’s stuff because it never really goes out of style—because all of it is already outside of style. Every piece of his I own remains a favorite from season to season and can be worn in a number of ways, like this blouse. My wedding dress (yes, here I go again about Read More »

The Best Fashion Magazine Covers of 2010

Time magazine published it’s Best of 2010 issue yesterday, its once-a-year listfest that anyone who loves clicking through slideshow lists will waste a lot of time digging into. Some lists—especially from the compiled Best of Everything categories, which are easy to get sidetracked to—I can skip (um, top Church Sex Abuse Scandals, anyone?), while others are impossible not to click on, like the the Top Dance Scenes in Movies, re-inspired by Black Swan (My two Cinemode-inspired favorites: the Jets dance in the beginning of West Side Story and the ballet scene in The Red Shoes. Classics!) And may I just add that I cannot believe On This Day in Fashion was not added to the list of the Five Blogs You Should Know!

But more than anything, of course, I like to delve into the fashion bits, Read More »

OTDIF on New Day Northwest!

Exciting news on this day for On This Day In Fashion: Our first TV appearance! I was invited to visit the studios of
New Day Northwest, a terrific morning news-magazine show in Seattle, to talk about the November anniversary of Marc Jacobs’ notorious grunge collection for Perry Ellis in 1992 and the return of grunge style in 2010. I teamed up with the stylistas at Ajentse, which represents fashion photographers, stylists and hair and makeup artists, and Heffner Management, the largest modeling agency on the West Coast, to put together a cool segment and fashion show that illustrated the “new grunge,” the rebirth of a Northwest style 18 years after the fact.

Ajentse stylist Lily Brewis pulled together three great looks—one affordable, one designer and one middle-end—that captured the style. Erin Skipley, also of Ajentse, created killer hair and makeup, which she describes as more dramatic and with an edge, like a strong lip or eye, and foregoing the blush altogether. And the team at Heffner Management worked in record speed to pull three models together, Paisha, Taylor Russell and Zhanna, who perfectly worked the new grunge style.

So what defines the look? The new grunge has a lot of the elements from the Read More »

Alì Mode: My Style Icon, Patti Smith, the Gothic Crow

As if I need an excuse to write about Patti Smith, one of my top style icons—and icons in general—today marks the 35th anniversary of the release of her first, amazing album, Horses. I saw Patti earlier this year at a reading/performance to promote her new book and, as usual, she charmed the socks off of every person in the auditorium (Socks sidebar: Once I saw Patti at an outdoor concert, and while she was dancing around she peeled off her socks and whirled them over her head like she was going to fling them into the audience, stripper style, before collapsing into giggles. It was so cute).

One of my favorite parts from the reading was when Read More »

Madonna: The New Feminist

I stumbled across this article in the New York Times last night and it makes a nice little footnote to Rachel’s Madonna/”Everybody” Story Behind the Styles. As of last week the Times is celebrating the 40-year anniversary of its Op-Ed section, and rerunning “greatest hits” pieces from over the decades. “Finally, a Real Feminist,” was posted today (or yesterday? the day before? NYT please start dating all of your multimedia pieces, especially anything T magazine so I’m not always in the dark about what is old and new news. Thanks.) is by one of my own greatest-hits list of favorite social critics, Camille Paglia, who penned this piece about Madonna as a “new feminist” in 1990. It was a great read then—the story drew a ton of attention—and it’s a great read now. Paglia explains/defends the piece in a short video, looking back Read More »

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