Fabulous Fashion Birthdays for May 22

People in fashion born on May 22:

Leonardo Del Vecchio, Italian fashion mogul and founder of Luxottica; 1935
Kay Unger, American fashion designer; 1945
Naomi Campbell, English model; 1970
Alison Eastwood, American film director, actress, model and fashion designer; 1972 Read More »

A Look Back at Model Donyale Luna

On this day in 1979, American supermodel and Andy Warhol superstar Donyale Luna died of a heroin overdose in Rome. She was just 33 years old. Luna held the record for many “firsts;” most notable being that she was first black woman featured on the cover of Vogue—even if the editors had her cover most of her face for the now-famous shot. See the cover and read the story behind Luna’s rise to fame, why she was a favorite of Yves Saint Laurent and why British Vogue wasn’t even her first real magazine cover, here. Read More »

Fashion Now: Black Pow!

On a recent trip to Walla Walla, Washington, I took a break from the wineries and epic scenery to duck into a few vintage and antiques stores to comb for sweet scores. In Waitsburg I found a mint stack of early 1970s issues of Look—score! (I actually prefer 1960s-era issues of Look, as fashion spreads seem to have become less of a priority for the magazine in the 1970s, but when Look does do fashion, they do it well.) Case in point: The “Money” issue published on this day in 1972 includes a spread titled “Fashion Now: Black Pow!” that homes in on the wave of black fashion designers and their Read More »

Fashion Statement: Naomi Sims

“It’s ‘in’ to use me, and maybe some people do it when they don’t really like me. But even if they are prejudiced, they have to be tactful if they want a good picture.” —Naomi Sims, American model (1948–2009). On this day in 1969, Read More »

Donyale Luna Makes History and Graces the Cover of British Vogue

On this day in 1966, a revolutionary issue of British Vogue hit newsstands, the first featuring a woman of color on the cover. Never mind that editors had the model cover most of her face (rumors later flew that she was specifically asked to hide her nose and mouth) or that the image didn’t run on American editions, but history had been made. The mystery woman was Donyale Luna, a 20-year-old beauty who was anywhere from five-foot-ten to six-foot-two, depending on the source and what the often contradictory model felt like saying she was. Whatever her height, Luna was having the best year of her career. Having only left Detroit for New York City about 16 months prior, her face was so Read More »

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