Fashion Photographer Brian Duffy Helped London Swing

Fashion photographer Brian Duffy, who died on this day in 2010, abandoned his career—and fame and fortune—in 1979 for a life of obscurity. But for nearly 20 years he, along with friends David Bailey and Terence Donovan, helped London swing. The three men were coined the “Black Trinity” photographers, and together they documented the fresh, kicky, kooky world of fashion, music and sex through the 1960s and 70s, shooting models, musicians and celebrities in what have become some of that era’s most iconic images. At some point along the wild ride, Duffy became a bit of a celebrity himself. But in 1979, the photographer abruptly set fire to his entire collection of negatives and slides, quit his profession forever, and didn’t shoot another picture for nearly 30 years. Given that most of his photography was destroyed, Duffy’s images were largely forgotten. That changed in 2009, when his son, Chris, resurrected his father’s legacy and curated the first exhibition of Duffy’s work, one that included new images with many of his former subjects. Duffy died less than a year later. See a slideshow of Brian Duffy’s fashion photographs and watch Duffy: The Man Who Shot the Sixties, a documentary of his work, after the jump. Read More »

Fashion Statement: Jean Muir

“The clothes in themselves do not make a statement. The woman makes a statement and the dress helps.” —English dressmaker Jean Muir, who died on this day in 1995.

Photo: Jean Muir and her designs, photographers unknown. To read more fabulous Fashion Statements, click here. Read More »

A Look Back at Model Donyale Luna

On this day in 1979, American supermodel and Andy Warhol superstar Donyale Luna died of a heroin overdose in Rome. She was just 33 years old. Luna held the record for many “firsts;” most notable being that she was first black woman featured on the cover of Vogue—even if the editors had her cover most of her face for the now-famous shot. See the cover and read the story behind Luna’s rise to fame, why she was a favorite of Yves Saint Laurent and why British Vogue wasn’t even her first real magazine cover, here. Read More »

Edward Steichen’s Foot Fetish?

On this day in 1973, which happened to be the day before his 94th birthday, the great American photographer Edward Steichen died in Connecticut. While his name is unfamiliar to many fans of fashion today, upon his death he was widely considered “the country’s most celebrated and highest-priced photographer…hailed as Read More »

Fashion Statement: Stephen Sprouse

“Everything I see, I put into clothes.” —American designer Stephen Sprouse, who died on this day in 2004. Sprouse injected his clothes with an artistic, punk sensibility, which sometimes worked and other times tanked. “I’m not authority on punk,” he once told a critic. “I just think it’s cool the way it looks.” Sprouse’s rose print was revived in 2009 for Louis Vuitton. Read More »

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