Daily Fashion Alerts: Does ADR Sleep in Heels, Will Hobo Chic be the New Chic and other Pressing Questions of the Day

Does Anna Della Russo really sleep in heels? []

Would you wear a Prada Spring 2011 manicure? [Nylon]

Will Water for Elephants be to 1930s down-and-out Depression-era costumes what Atonement was for 1930s posh-and-privileged Depression-era costumes? []

Can there be a more tiresome or sad cliché than the media suddenly knocking Princess Diana in an effort to elevate Kate Middleton? [Fashionista]

And what does it say about me that I cannot stop reading RWD updates, which now includes royal wedding headgear updates? [The Cut]

Is there any relevance to (or interest in) Doc Martens suddenly creating a British clothing line given that its products—hence the brand’s identity—are no longer British? [Telegraph UK] Read More »

Daily Fashion Alerts: Vintage Inspiration, Yet Another RWD Rumor and Festival Fashion—Celebrity Style

File this under Lame Use of Government that Wastes Taxpayers’ Time and Money: Florida is again moving forward to outlaw the scourge of our nation: baggy pants. [Jezebel]

(Yawn) Royal wedding dress (RWD) alert #1,569: Now Sophie Cranston is Kate Middleton’s secret designer. Even I’m getting bored with this. [Telegraph UK]

I’m with Jonathan on this one: When well-costumed, 1940’s-set films are the bomb. Read his list of must-see films set (and costumed, natch) in this era. [Kickshaw Productions]

Did this year go by fast or what? Another Coachella festival happened this weekend and, as ever, the fashion rivaled the performances. [Refinery 29] and [Stylecaster] Read More »

Fashion Alerts: John Galliano is Out at John Galliano, Another Fashionable Redhead Turns 70 and Parsons Hearts Planet Earth

Lady Gaga defends her horns/”bones” and also lets it slip that she didn’t write “Born This Way.” Alexander McQueen did. From beyond the grave. I find that doubtful, McQueen’s work was always so original. [Harper's Bazaar]

On Wednesday Jane Aldridge announced that Sea of Shoes got a makeover. We had to wait until yesterday for one of her trademark vintage fashion posts featuring an Americana twist. [Sea of Shoes]

Real royalty may be overshadowing the lacy designer gown that is in the works for a rock-in-roll wedding, but at least we know who the designer is on this one. [StyleFile]

Photographer Ellen von Unwerth is one of my favorites and this joyous, cheeky fashion video she filmed to go with her current spread in Vs. magazine is just the right way to start off your Friday. [Vs Magazine Live] Read More »

Fashion Alerts: Boudoir Designs by Dita, Tom Ford Misses a Chance to Get Naked and Time to Expand Your Fashion Library

The skinny model debate rages on. A Miu Miu ad has been cleared by Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority after accusations that the model featured is extremely underweight. [Telegraph UK]

Chicagoans will have a new fashion mecca to flock to once Ikram Goldman, who formerly styled Michelle Obama, moves her boutique to a multi-level space that will feel “like your mom’s supergigantic closet.” [Tblog]

I am so excited about the upcoming book Seventeenth Century Women’s Dress Patterns from the Victoria and Albert Museum. My sewing skills are rudimentary, but how hard can making a 1630s waistcoat be? [Telegraph UK] Read More »

Daily Fashion Alerts: Hot Guys to Look At, the Story of Feather Couture, and Would You Wear Gutter-Punk Couture?

Gratuitous eye candy alert: Outtakes and backstage shots from the Jeffrey Fashion Cares menswear runway show, an event that raised money for four LGBT-related causes. [Of the Minute]

Bernardo reissues its classic flat sandal and Bazaar is jumping for joy. To me, this style has always seemed as painful as five-inch heels. What do you think? [Harper’s Bazaar]

Can you stand another Middleton wedding-dress alert? Now speculation is back on Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton. [NYT] (subscription required)

As one-time editor of a wedding magazine, I’ve long preferred Bridal Week over Fashion Week, the former of which is well underway in New York. I’m suddenly wanting my old job back. [Grazia]
Read More »

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