Hope in New York: Backstage at Jason Wu with Aveda

Hope Misterek brings her stylist’s eye to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, reporting from behind-the-scenes in New York for On This Day In Fashion.

I would not get out of bed for just anyone at the crack of dawn to rush down to Chelsea hours before the show even started. But for Jason Wu I would—and did. I was so interested and excited to be watching Wu’s production that I actually missed my next scheduled show. As you’ll see, I think it was well worth it.

In fact, it was a genuine pleasure to watch such an all-around, well-put together production. Everything ran so smoothly and each area—hair, makeup, bleaching, wardrobe—all seemed to come together in a seamless and not-overdone way. Thoughtful and careful editing were obvious. Even the designer himself seemed so controlled and on top of things, all while he ran around conducting interviews, checking on the collection and models and greeting people. I barely managed to get a picture with him, and he was gracious to do it amid all the hoopla. (Clearly, he was used to working much quicker than I am, as he struck a perfect photo pose and left me…well, not in a perfect photo pose.) Read More »

Hope in New York: Backstage at Christian Siriano—and How to Get the Look!

Hope Misterek brings her stylist’s eye to New York, reporting from behind-the-scenes for On This Day In Fashion during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

On Thursday night and early Friday morning I was fortunate to get the inside and backstage scoop for both Christian Siriano and Jason Wu, thanks to Aveda’s Artistic Team, who was working on hair looks for these shows.

Let me just say that getting backstage at Lincoln Center is no joke—not just in the credentials department but in physically getting there. Here’s a tip: You won’t gain backstage access by going through the main entrance, that’s for sure. You have to be dedicated. You have to walk all the way around the building through barricades and rough terrain. You have to diligently wait in different lines to check in at various stations because no one is ever quite sure which list you are on.

So, once I was finally backstage at The Stage at Lincoln Center, I was granted Read More »

Get the Look: The Cosby Show and Denise’s Inimitable Style

Last week we brought you unlikely fashion inspiration from M*A*S*H (and you loved it; admit it). This week we really geek-out, presenting a look-book inspired by…wait for it!…The Cosby Show, which premiered on TV on this day in 1984. Don’t click away just yet; we aren’t paying tribute to Cliff Huxtable’s sweater collection. (Although we might someday!) Today we are hot for Denise, the undisputed style-star champion of the show, if not in all of television history. (Come on; just try and name someone with more naturally ingrained style gravitas. We dare you.) Denise stole our hearts from the get-go when she tried to knock-off a designer shirt to help little brother Theo impress a date in season one. Her sewing skills may have been lacking, but her own carefully styled outfits (Lisa Bonet wore all of her own clothes for the show) was where she excelled. Lace, fringe, neon, glitter and, later, rastafari punk—Denise embraced all the trends of the 1980s and made them her own. What about you? Would you embrace Denise’s look? —Rachel Chambers

Get the Look: Hot Lips Reporting For Duty!

On this day in 1972, M*A*S*H premiered on CBS, featuring Loretta Swit as Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan, squeezed into the snuggest pair of army-green cargo pants you ever saw. Set in an American hospital unit during the Korean War, the show is an unlikely fashion inspiration—would it not be for the fact that this fall the military look is making its umpteenth comeback, one perhaps led by the J Brand’s ultra skinny “Houlihan” cargo pants, released earlier this year. Everyone from Hilary Duff to Rihanna has been seen in Houlihans, a pant that pairs well with decidedly noncombative pieces, such as slinky tops, the highest heels and lots of chain jewelry, a look Hot Lips herself could surely appreciate. This a look you wouldn’t want to wear to report for active combat duty, but it’s just right for any city assignment. In honor of Hot Lips and the 38th anniversary of the premiere of M*A*S*H, here’s some inspiration to help you get the look. —Rachel Chambers

M*A*S*H Get the Look

Get the Look: Go Gamine Like Jean

Jean Seberg was all about classic pieces worn with a great personality. If you’ve got the gusto and want to capture her signature style, the first step is to crop your hair. A pixie cut oozes self-confidence and also gives a laid-back quality to a woman’s style. Next fill your wardrobe with Seberg’s basics: striped tops and dresses, cropped slim-fit pants and flats. Imbue with your fabulous personality and fresh, simple makeup and you’re ready to go.

Jean Seberg's Simple + Chic Look
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