Guess the Designer, Swimsuit Edition!

I’ve caught me a case of spring fever, and can’t stop looking at all of the designer bikinis I absolutely cannot afford this summer. (Thanks, April issue of Vogue.) Some of my online shopping led to vintage swimsuits, which always look better in pictures than on my actual body. (Do any of you ever buy vintage bikinis and wear them?) And all this bikini “shopping” led to today’s Guess the Designer: Swimsuit Edition!

So this is how I’ll probably pick all of the Guess the Designer quizzes from here on. I see a fashion photo, try and guess the designer and fail miserably. Of course, I know better than to underestimate you guys! So show me if you know the answer: Which well-known designer do you think made this green, cotton romper swimsuit in 1969? As for the model’s rootsy dye-job, I have no answers.

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Guess the Designer: Pop-Art Dresses

I love these dresses I stumbled on today while doing random research about 1980s fashion designers. (They remind me of a crazy Pop-Art print shift I saw a woman wearing at a student fashion show last week. I wish I had taken a picture of it!) Can you guess who the designer of these dress is?

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Weekend Overalls! The Top Eight Stories on OTDIF this Week

Happy Oscars Weekend! We had a gold-medal week ourselves—well, we didn’t win any statuettes, but certainly could have earned a gold star. How do you think we did over the past seven days? Do we deserve an Oscar or a Razzie?

Before you put on your Fashion Police Cap and start judging all those ladies gussied up in their finest, take a look back at some of the women who have bucked red-carpet conventions over the years, with Rachel Chambers’ List of Top-10 “F**k It” Fashions at the Oscars.

Speaking of red-carpet moments, remember J-Lo in Donatella Versace? It’s been 11 years since she barely wore the now infamous jungle dress to the Grammys. How does her look hold up?
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Daily Fashion Alerts: A Few Gift Guides, Kate Moss Talks Nips and Dee Dee’s Fashion Faux Pas

It’s Black Friday (duh), which means some of you are reading this on your iPads and smart phones as you wait in long lines to buy wildly marked down items. Or, you are curled up at home with a delicious cup of coffee and a day of nothing ahead of you. So I’m curious who is where and doing what. Vote in our poll after the jump!

In other fashion news, Stella McCartney gave birth to her fourth child on Wednesday. Congrats to the fam! [Holy Moly]

Oprah is not especially stylish, but she does know quality (usually) when she sees it. Fashionista put together a roundup of Oprah’s favorite fashion things through the years—remember the Rachel Pally palazzo pajamas? [Fashionista]

New Yorkers with little ones on their gift lists should check out W magazine’s roundup of kid’s shops. And it’s no surprise to us that the price points are akin to any 5th Avenue boutique at this point, right? [W]

And for grownups, Vogue editor Filipa Fino put together her list of favorite things for the holidays, including a $4,200 handbag, $1,300 boots, $11,000 earrings and $23,000 necklaces. Vogue always knows how to really connect with its readers, doesn’t it? [Vogue]

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The Unknown Era of Chanel: Could She Have Been a Fur Designer Before She was a Milliner?

Here’s an interesting tidbit to ponder. On this day in 1902, The Paris Herald, that turn-of-the-20th-century journal of privilege founded as a diversion for muckety-muck American expats that eventually became the International Herald Tribune, mentioned the name Chanel in a piece about furs. The article didn’t go so far as to say “Mme. Chanel,” or even “Gabrielle Chanel,” but simply hearkened a fur from “Chanel.” From a fashion-history-nerd standpoint, this piece of information is intriguing, because practically every biography of Chanel claims she launched her career with a hat shop in Deauville, France, around 1912.

What do you think? If anyone knew fur in Paris in 1902, it would be the fashion editor at The Paris Herald. Could the paper have made a typo and misspelled the name of a furrier with a similar French surname, say, Chanal or Chamel? Or have all of Chanel’s biographers missed this era—even if it was a brief one—of the designer’s career? Could there actually be another chapter in the mystique of Chanel yet to be uncovered? It’s fascinating to think about the possibilities of the latter.

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