Fashion Statement: Yves Saint Laurent

“It pains me physically to see a woman victimized, rendered pathetic, by fashion.”Yves Saint Laurent, French couturier, who opened his salon with partner Pierre Bergé on this day in 1961. The salon was funded by the pair with $700,000 in help from Jesse Mack Robinson, a backer from Atlanta, and $680,000 francs money won in a breach of contract lawsuit with the House of Dior.
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Fashion Designers, As Seen on TV

Two weeks ago marked the date that Andy Warhol, in one of his many 15 minutes of fame, made a guest appearance on The Love Boat. On the episode that aired October 12, 1985, a midwestern housewife fears that Andy, played by Andy, will tell her husband her secret past as a Warhol Superstar. We would have loved to have properly commemorated that show, but Warhol on The Love Boat has become a fabled lost episode, one so hidden that we would wonder if it had ever really existed—if it wasn’t for a screen shot captured from someone’s YouTube video that was here and gone in a fleeting Internet minute. While I’m dying to see Andy on The Love Boat again (I surely saw it as a kid and just didn’t know it at the time), the episode got us thinking about
people in fashion crossing over to appearing, and even acting, on TV—to varying degrees of success. And once we started researching, we were surprised at how many there were. Paco Rabanne on I’ve Got a Secret, Isaac Mizrahi on Fame, Edith Head on Columbo and Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier and Paco Rabanne appearing on a Spanish series called Corazón, Corazón. Read on for a video list of our favorite designer appearances and let us know which ones we missed. Read More »

Your Stylescope for October 22, 2010

Find out who in the fashion world shares a birthday with you and learn your destiny for the year. Guaranteed.

Born on October 22:
Catherine Deneuve
, French actress, style icon, fashion muse; 1943
Todd Oldham, American designer; 1961

Joyeux anniversaire, Libcorpio! I was so excited to channel your Stylescope this week that I felt like I was going to freaking explode! Do you know why? Because there is little else more exciting than entering a new element of the Zodiac, that’s why. And you, Charmer, a person born before the first day of the sign of Scorpio, are like a Celestial Sherpa of sorts, leading the pinchy-snappers into this most delicious of star signs. I mean, is there anything as intriguing as a Scorpio? Just take a look at the two people in fashion who are born today, the über goddess and muse of Yves Saint Laurent, Catherine Deneuve, and the ever-reinventing fashion-designer-cum-interior-designer, Todd Oldham. These are two people who underscore style, and it’s no surprise that you, my fierce friend, share a birth date with them. But you must be wondering what your Stylescope has to say about your year ahead? For starters, you are becoming much Read More »

Yves, Lover Not a Fighter, is Replaced by Bohan at Dior

“The fashion house of Christian Dior is bestowing the ultimate glory on a 34-year-old Parisian designer named Marc Bohan,” trumpeted the New York Times. Ouch. For three years, that “ultimate glory” had belonged to a young wunderkind named
Yves Saint Laurent, but at the time the announcement came on this day in 1960 that his golden needle was revoked, the then-24-year-old Saint Laurent was far away, losing his marbles in a French military hospital.

YSL had been named House of Dior’s chief designer at just 22 years old, becoming the youngest couturier in the world, when Christian Dior died three years earlier in 1957. But YSL at Dior was like trying to fit a circle into a square. In his first show for Dior on January 30, 1958, he ignored the traditional whale-boned corsets and cinched, ladylike silhouette. Saint Laurent ignored the waist completely and sent a girlish collection of trapeze dresses down the runway to the rapture of his audience. In July of 1960, in what would be his last collection for Dior, he broke further from the norm with his Beat collection, inspired by the arty Left Bank bohemians who couldn’t be any more Read More »

L’Amour Fou: More Yves!

“Who’s your favorite fashion designer?” It’s a question that would drive most people nuts. Not me: My all-time favorite designer is Yves Saint Laurent. (And then there is a crowd of close seconds.) So, yeah, I’m flipping crazy-excited about Yves Saint Laurent: L’Amour Fou, the new documentary about the famed, fiery, nearly 50-year love affair between Pierre Bergé and YSL. Initial reviews are a bit meh, but the movie is packed with archival film of old shows and photographs of young YSL. It already premiered at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this month and opens in France, Belgium and Spain tomorrow, and the UK sometime next year. No word on when it will premiere stateside, but you can count on the fact that I’ll be first in line. The beautiful trailer is embedded below (seems to be spotty on our site), but you can also watch it here.

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