Lucille Bluth in her youth: Actress Jessica Walter modeling, circa 1965

In honor of the return of Arrested Development this weekend, may I present Lucille Bluth (nee Jessica Walter) circa 1965, in a fresh and breezy summer fashion spread to take you into the holiday weekend. The ferns and white wicker accents are an especially elegant touch, don’t you think? The groovy hostess dresses (yes, please, on the cutout red romper) and palazzo-type pajamas are designed by one Ruthanne Tuttle of Mr. Gee.

But really, who cares about the clothes (no disrespect, Mr. Gee). I can’t get over how Jessica looks Exactly. The. Same. Same hair, same makeup, same eyebrows, same figure, same skin. We are talking FIFTY years here, people! (Click on the photos to enlarge them and see for yourself.) If this is what Botox does, then sign me up. And you know how Lucille would respond to that:


. .



So can you guess what fashion magazine this spread ran in? Surely, a circa ’65 Lucille Bluth would only grace the pages of Town & Country, Harper’s Bazaar, or Vogue, right?

Nope, nope and nope.

Mademoiselle?? Woman’s World?? Lady’s Circle??? Good Housekee—oh, nevermind.

None of those magazines had the foresight to cast the woman who would become the World’s Greatest Mom as their Summer of ‘65 fashion model. So guess who did?

Wait for it…


TV Guide! I’ve had this thing on top of my TV set for 25 years, ever since I found a stack of the things in an old abandoned farm house my friends and I pillaged of vintage clothes and books. The issue is mostly dedicated to the cover story, the Munsters, and—not to diss Jessica—but the most fashionable spread is of Fred Gwynne, Mr. Munster himself. Look at those shoes! And tie! He’s quite the Ivy Leaguer, wouldn’t you say?

Have fun watching Arrested Development this weekend. I know I will!

OTDIF on Hiatus

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted in a while and perhaps you are wondering what’s up. The short story is that after two years of rain here in Seattle, we had an awesome summer and I didn’t feel like blogging. The longer story is that this website was an experimental project I launched after the recession hit and had I lost a lot of my regular clients. Starting a website and learning social media and the digital side of the writing world seemed better than developing a daytime TV addiction, returning to bartending or finding an office job. And the experience has been great and I’ve learned a lot and made amazing connections and new friends. But 18 months later, work has picked back up. I’m teaching two classes, creating a couple of custom publications, doing lots of digital retail writing (thanks partially to this site!) and writing freelance stories for a handful of publications. I also have a few book pitches floating around that I hope turn into something interesting—and here’s something I haven’t done in a while: I’m working on a creative textile project. So whether I’ll pick back up with On This Day In Fashion remains unknown, but right now it’s looking unlikely that I will find the time in the near future. Check back occasionally and see what’s happening, otherwise, it’s been great sharing fashion history with you!!

Fabulous Fashion Birthdays for July 20

People in fashion born on July 20:

Gisele Bündchen, Brazilian fashion model; 1980
Olcay Gulsen, Dutch fashion designer; 1980

Photo: Gisele photographed with Azzedine Alaïa for the January 2003 Elle magazine by Giles Bensimon.

Did we miss anyone in fashion born on this day? Give us a shout and let us know.

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Photo: Sedene Blake looking amazing (along with Ayan Elmi) in Vogue Italia by Greg Lotus.

Did we miss anyone in fashion born on this day? Give us a shout and let us know.

Fabulous Fashion Birthdays for July 18

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Charles James, American couturier; 1906
J. Alexander, American model and runway coach; 1961
Ranya Mordanova, Russian model; 1991 Read More »

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