Lucille Bluth in her youth: Actress Jessica Walter modeling, circa 1965

In honor of the return of Arrested Development this weekend, may I present Lucille Bluth (nee Jessica Walter) circa 1965, in a fresh and breezy summer fashion spread to take you into the holiday weekend. The ferns and white wicker accents are an especially elegant touch, don’t you think? The groovy hostess dresses (yes, please, on the cutout red romper) and palazzo-type pajamas are designed by one Ruthanne Tuttle of Mr. Gee.

But really, who cares about the clothes (no disrespect, Mr. Gee). I can’t get over how Jessica looks Exactly. The. Same. Same hair, same makeup, same… Read More

Charming Yves

He says little more than “yes” and “no” as the panel tries to figure out who he is and he tries to figure out what the heck all these goofy Americans are even talking about, but Yves Saint Laurent, who died on this day in 2008, does it so sweetly, it charms. our. socks. off. Then when he finally utters a whole sentence, “Je suis enchanté de vous voir” (I’m happy to meet you), we just want to wrap him up, take him home and feed him glass after glass of warm milk. Incidentally, What’s My Line was… Read More

Fashion Photographer Brian Duffy Helped London Swing

Fashion photographer Brian Duffy, who died on this day in 2010, abandoned his career—and fame and fortune—in 1979 for a life of obscurity. But for nearly 20 years he, along with friends David Bailey and Terence Donovan, helped London swing. The three men were coined the “Black Trinity” photographers, and together they documented the fresh, kicky, kooky world of fashion, music and sex through the 1960s and 70s, shooting models, musicians and celebrities in what have become some of that era’s most iconic images. At some point along the wild ride, Duffy became a bit of aRead More

The King of Pop Throws Down the Rhinestone Gauntlet

Before Bieber’s bangs, Kurt’s plaid or Madonna’s bra, music’s greatest style statement was Michael Jackson’s single, sparkling glove. On this day in 1983, Jackson introduced his one-glove look (and a little dance move called the Moonwalk) while performing on “Motown 25,” a television special airing on NBC. Jackson had only agreed to take part in a Jackson 5 reunion for the program if he could also perform a solo of “Billie Jean,” the second single from his Thriller album that was currently enjoying its seventh week at number one on the pop charts. Jackson performed aRead More

Watch Out, World, Here Comes Diane von Furstenberg

Before the ubiquitous wrap dress, before the CFDA lifetime achievement award and the multi-million dollar luxury brand, Diane von Furstenberg was just a newbie designer making sales calls from her living room. OK, she wasn’t just any newbie designer, she was Princess Diane von Furstenberg through her marriage to German Prince Egon von Furstenberg in 1969. The 23-year-old Belgian and her husband had recently moved to New York City, had a baby and quickly became a fixture in the society pages, thanks to her good looks and great fashion sense. But von Furstenberg wasn’t one toRead More

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